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Toll roads

United States

Segments 5&6 SH-130

  • The SH-130 toll road is an alternative to the congested I-35 in the San Antonio to Austin corridor.
  • Segments 5 (18.7 km) and 6 (45.3 km) run from south-east Austin (at the junction with the SH45) to the city of Seguin at the intersection with the IH10, which connects Houston and San Antonio.
  • Segments 1 through 4 are run by the TxDOT. The first two segments entered into operation at the close of 2006, segment 3 in September 2007 and the last at the end of April 2008.
  • Toll collection is 100% freeflow with no barriers.
  • Tolls are updated annually in accordance with the nominal per capita GDP of the State of Texas.
  • Revenue is shared with the state according to a system of traffic bands.
  • Compensation for competing infrastructures along a 10 mile corridor.
  • Compensation in the event of an increase in the speed limit on the I-35.

Chicago Skyway

  • Provides an alternative to a highly congested corridor connecting Chicago with a major residential and leisure area.
  • Rate system that allows rate increases above the rate of inflation: rate increases under the contract in alternate years to 2017. Starting in 2018, an annual increase of 2%, the consumer price index or nominal per capita GDP, whichever is highest.

Indiana Toll Road

  • Two different sections:
  • Western Section, 37 km long with open toll system which connects with the Chicago Skyway. It provides an alternative to a highly congested corridor.
  • Eastern section, 217 km of ticket system toll road to the Ohio state line. It is part of the main route linking Chicago and the Mid-West with New York and carries heavy freight traffic.
  • Very attractive toll plan with increases above inflation:
  • In 2010, an increase amounting to 2%, the CPI or nominal per capita GDP over the previous four years, whichever is highest.
  • Starting in 2011, an annual review, amounting to 2%, the CPI or nominal per capita GDP, whichever is highest.

NTE Toll road

  • The contract covers the refurbishment of the existing highway and the construction of managed toll lanes, as well as the maintenance and management of both.
  • The length of the North Tarrant Express highway is 21.4 kilometers (13.3 miles). It is located at the major Dallas-Fort Worth hub, one of the most congested in the United States. The project is divided into two segments of 10.3 kilometers (6.4 miles) and 11.1 kilometers (6.9 miles).
  • The NTE Mobility Partners consortium, led by Cintra, began to build the road at the end of 2010 and it is expected to enter into service in 2015. The concession period is 52 years.
  • The NTE will include an electronic, barrier-free toll system to assure a high level of service and free-flowing traffic. Rates are dynamic and may be changed every 5 minutes to ensure a minimum speed of 50 miles per hour.

LBJ highway

  • This contract covers the construction, maintenance and management of 27.4 kilometers (16.8 miles) of the Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) Expressway, specifically the section located between the interstates IH-35E and US-75, and the interstate IH-35E, between Loop 12 and LBJ, in the north of Dallas, Texas.
  • Construction began at the end of 2010. The first section is planned to open in 2013, and the whole will be fully in operation in 2015.
  • The LBJ will have 13 miles of dedicated toll lanes, up to 3 each way. They will have an advanced toll system that will automatically identify vehicles without the need to reduce speed (freeflow).
  • Rates are dynamic and may be changed every 5 minutes to manage traffic volume and ensure a minimum speed of 50 miles per hour.

Segments 5&6 SH-130 figures

billion investment managed
end of concession period

Chicago Skyway figures

billion Investment managed
end of concession period

Indiana Toll Road figures

Mn. Investment managed
end of concession period

NTE Toll road figures

billion investment managed
end of concession period

LBJ Express Toll road figures

billion investment managed
end of concession period

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