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Toll roads


Ionian Roads highway

  • Two separate sections of toll road:
  • Pathe Section: 172.5 km already in operation + 11.0 km to be built by the State. The section starts in Athens and runs north to Lamía.
  • Ionian Road: 159 km of new construction by the Consortium, plus 10.5 km already transferred, plus 26.9 km to be built by the State. The toll road will run along the coast of the Ionian Sea from Patras to Ioannina in the north.
  • Toll rates are inflation-indexed.
  • Government subsidy (European funds): 360 million euro.
  • The Pathe section is a corridor with heavy traffic, especially on the existing section closest to Athens (ADT approx. 80,000 vehicles).
  • Operation of the existing section will provide substantial revenue during the construction period, thus reducing the need for financing.
  • Revenue-sharing with the government if certain traffic or IRR thresholds are exceeded.
  • Cintra nominated the CEO of the concessionaire.
  • Concession commencement date: December 19, 2007.

Central Greece toll road

  • The toll road is divided into two sections:
  • The first, known as Central Greece, is 174 km long and has been built entirely by the consortium.
  • The second, running 57 km adjacent to the foregoing, has been or will be built by the Greek government and subsequently transferred to the concessionaire.
  • Toll rates are inflation indexed.
  • Government subsidy (European funds):518 million euro at the construction phase, as well as 1.5 billion euro operational subsidy.
  • Cintra nominated the CEO of the concessionaire.
  • Concession commencement date: March 31, 2008.

Ionian Roads figures

billion investment managed
end of concession period

Central Greece figures

Mn. Investment managed
end of concession period

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