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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

The guiding principle of Ferrovial’s business activity is the transmission of accurate, complete and transparent information that expresses a true picture of the company and its business and strategies.

Stakeholder engagement 201020092008Var 10-09
Meetings with investors 272 168 494 62%
Meetings with suppliers and subcontractors  23,060 6,270 5,523 268%
Supplier surveys  16,749 2,748 1,129 509%
Media presentations  6 50% 
Hits on the website  556,600 538,773 ND 3,3%
 Public opinion polls  200  1,698 1,352 -88%

Ferrovial’s relations with its stakeholders take place within a context of transparency, truth and professionalism. Ferrovial considers stakeholders to be those individuals or social groups with a legitimate interest and who are affected by the company’s current or future activity.

This definition includes both internal and external stakeholders: internal stakeholders form part of the company’s value chain (shareholders, employees, investors, customers and suppliers), and are considered partners by the company in the carrying out of its businesses, while external stakeholders include public authorities, governments, the media, analysts, the business sector, labor unions, the Third Sector and society in general, starting with the local communities in which the company operates.

A new model of stakeholder engagement was implemented in 2010. As a result, it is not possible to make a uniform comparison of all the perception indicators for 2009, obtained through RepTrack surveys, and those for 2010, obtained by the Villafañe y Asociados consultation model.  

The new model includes a reputational perspective in both its design and in the analysis of results and conclusions. It involves consultations with the stakeholders who are most representative for the company,in the form of 200 interviews with 47 media, 10 financial analysts, 40 opinion leaders, 12 customers, 28 suppliers, 10 business associations, 10 partners, 10 labor unions, 15 NGOs, and 18 politicians and regulators.

Financial analysts  10
Media 47
Opinion leaders 40
Customers 12
Suppliers 28
Business associations 10
Partners 10
Labor Unions 15
Third Sector 10
Government and public authorities 18
Total 200

Following analysis, the data obtained is used to prepare a report for each stakeholder, together with a joint report that helps decision-making at Ferrovial, enables reputational objectives to be determined and improves the company’s relations with its publics.


  • Transparency of information

Lines of action

  • Continually improve the lines of communication with all stakeholders, based on an innovative form of corporate reporting that encompasses environmental and social variables as well as financial data.
  • Notify all stakeholders of the company’s principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, and facilitate employee participation in solidarity projects.

2010 Milestones

  • Development of a new model of stakeholder engagement.
  • Preparation of perception surveys that help decision making and the presentation of re- putational objectives.
  • Improved relations and better communica- tion channels with the various groups.

2011 Goals

  • Launch of a new website.
  • Application of the Ferrovial strategy in social networks.
  • Implementation of the Main Ferrovial Stake- holders (MFS) program.
  • New globally-based IT communication plat- form for suppliers.

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This is an electronic version of the 2010 Annual Report prepared by Ferrovial S.A. for its stakeholders, which aims to be complete and accurate. The contents of this version can be checked by referring to the print version. A copy of the print version in PDF format is available to download on this web page