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Environmental Policy

Ferrovial is committed to sustainable development. It has set targets for improving its environmental performance and strengthening its climate strategy by developing technologies, transport infrastructures and public services that are prepared for a low-carbon economy.

Ferrovial’s environmental policy is based on the Sustainability Policy that applies to the entire Group, which is designed, implemented and supported at the highest level in the company. Starting from the basis of this shared commitment, each department develops its own policy according to the risks and stakeholders demands of each business activity.

In 2008, Ferrovial updated its Quality and Environment Policy in an attempt to adapt it to the company’s new profile and the new corporate risks derived from the acquisition of BAA.

The updated version features aspects such as stakeholder engagement, eco-efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as key elements of corporate public commitments. Closer collaboration with NGOs, public authorities and regulatory bodies is also considered a key element.


Ferrovial designs, finances, constructs and manages infrastructures and services in a responsible fashion. It focuses on satisfying the expectations of its clients and users and manages the resources available efficiently in such a way as to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.


Ferrovial aims to maximize value for its shareholders and the company. It is determined to be recognized throughout the world as an efficient and model organization in the sectors in which it operates, and committed to its role as a global company that stands out for its commitment to sustainable development.


  • Satisfaction of client and user expectations. Clients and users are at the core of Ferrovial’s activity and the company aims to provide them with the best experience in the use of its infrastructures and services.
  • Everyone participates. All the members of the organization are motivated, encouraged to participate, and offered training and development to ensure the company’s success.
  • Mutual benefit in relations with suppliers and partners. Ferrovial aims to create mutual benefit in relations with partners and suppliers to achieve the maximum level of competitiveness, quality and environmental performance.
  • Eco-efficiency. The company minimizes the environmental impact of its activities by using available scientific knowledge and through the responsible and efficient use of natural resources to reduce waste, discharges, atmospheric emissions and in particular greenhouse gases, as far as possible.
  • The value of commitment. Ferrovial is a responsible company that fulfills its commitments. It abides by current legislation and honors the agreements signed with our clients and users, to ensure the quality, safety and environmental soundness of our products and services.
  • Continuous improvement. The company aims for excellence in its business activity. It measures the key factors of its business and implements management systems that ensure ongoing improvement of its processes, technical capacities and performance. Fluid communication channels have been established between different areas and companies in the Group to take advantage of synergies and opportunities provided by experience and best practices.
  • Intelligent dialog with stakeholders. The development of reporting systems and channels of communication lead to a productive dialog of mutual benefit with the relevant stakeholders. This helps to understand their expectations, limits business risks and makes better use of opportunities.
Risks and opportunities of Climate Change

Risks and opportunities of Climate Change

Valentín Alfaya, Ferrovial Director of Environment, analyzes the 2010 milestones, such as the consolidation of the climate change strategy or the Ferrovial 2015-2020 project, which examines the risks and opportunities of Climate Change. In 2011, the Company will announce a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

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