Ferrovial - Annual Report 2010

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Human Rights

Labor unions and Collective Bargaining

The labor relations between Ferrovial and its employees are based on compliance with the applicable legislation in each country, international conventions and other legal and regulatory provisions governing employment.

In every country where it operates, Ferrovial guarantees workers’ rights such as the right to strike, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining by appointed workers’ representatives and unions. Collective bargaining agreements currently govern the working conditions of 76% of employees.

Ferrovial has no data on the percentage of employees who are members of unions, given that they are not legally required to notify the company of their membership. At workplaces where union dues are still paid through the office, the percentage is around xx% of the total workforce.

In 2010, 20 legal claims have been filed claiming limitation of the normal right to exercise labor union activities during the year, and 186 legal claims for breach of the collective bargaining agreement. There was a total of 807 days of strike action in the year.

Ferrovial undertakes to keep workers informed of the processes of organizational restructuring with a minimum period of notice and to work together to understand issues from their perspective. The conditions regulating employee activity are those included in the appropriate collective bargaining agreements, and failing these in the labor law in force in each of the locations in which the company operates. As a result of the merger between Cintra and Ferrovial, the company launched a communication campaign that has been recognized with the European Excellence Award 2010 by the German magazine Communication Director.

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